One of my dearest submissives has been through few quite a few changes recently – including leaving a long-term relationship. In some senses I was a catalyst for that series of changes. But once he got started he has been a whirlwind.

Holiday Special

We are really into the Holiday Season now. My street is festooned with lit up trees, candy canes, little drummer boys – the full paraphernalia of the season. I have even set up a small plastic tree with ornaments. 

A Virtual Challenge - Guest Post

I mentioned in a recent blog how I enjoyed setting challenges for my submissives – and how it gave me a sense of controlling them outside the dungeon.

Well… A week or two ago I came across a Fetlife group called Humiliation, Tasks and Challenges For The Aspiring Submissive (And Ideas For The Dominants Who Love Them) where submissives ask for humiliating tasks to be set for them. And something about one of the posts by fuck_slut, or perhaps it was their rather fetching pictures, caught my attention.

Branding bitches

I sometimes get asked by people whether I regard them as slaves or submissives. As it turns out that is a much debated question in the BDSM community. For example on Fetlife (which is a great source for kink discussions in general) there are literally dozens of groups where this is discussed / written about.

Business casual

I have fallen behind with my blogging, but September was somehow very busy. There was Folsom Street Fair (of which more later) but also a whole series of sessions with out of town visitors. Maybe they were visiting for Folsom Street Fair or Oracle Open World or just one of the many conferences and conventions that happen in San Francisco, but there do seem to have been quite a few visitors this past month.

Public Play

I work at a few private dungeons / play spaces around the City. And most of my submissives / slaves strongly prefer to see me one-on-one in those spaces. I assume a very strong part of that preference, although I really do not ask, is that they are very much concerned with “discretion”.

Change Of Pace

Most of my sessions involve a submissive / slave who is interested in BDSM. And a strong powerful domme like me is their dream come true. But occasionally I see people who do not necessarily see themselves as submissives or slaves – who are not interested in BDSM per se.