I grew up in London in an education system that in some respects was somewhat old-fashioned. It prioritized grammar and spelling over “expression”. And it didn’t always serve the needs of the less capable students very well. If you were academically capable (as I was) then you could shine, but if you were not so much so, then the system largely ignored you – and left you to your own devices.

But the net effect is that I have a good grasp of grammar and spelling – and a good vocabulary. Which then makes me very sensitive to an absence of those qualities in emails from potential slaves / submissives.

Which is puzzling. If you are a slave / submissive / sissy hoping to be of service to me, hoping to work your way into my good graces, then sending me emails full of grammatical mistakes and bad spelling really does not advance your cause – and implies that you cannot be bothered to take the time to read your emails before sending them. Or perhaps that is a lack of respect. But in any event, such behavior greatly increases the probability that I will just consign your email to that great big binary trash bin in the cloud.

I am very choosy about which slave / submissives / sissies I play with. I certainly do not need to spend time with people who are disrespectful and/or incapable of carrying on a sensible and engaging conversation.

I know that my favourite submissive Nomicon https://fetlife.com/users/791237 understands this. We bonded over words and writing. As he says “I love words. I love people who love words. Reading them or writing them.”

So, while a requirement to do spelling and grammar may seem harsh, you should bear that in mind when contacting me…

 Ms Emilie