I had a rather lovely session yesterday with a visiting New Yorker (no names – but I know he reads my blog). That was enhanced even more when the domme who runs the dungeon space joined us for a half hour or so as we were winding up. I suspect that sometimes submissives have a whole set of fantasies about two dommes – but when faced by two powerful experienced domes might find it a bit too much. But in this case we had a really good connection and an awesome experience.

But at one point, before the other domme joined us, I was wearing a heavy leather jacket, and decided that I was getting rather hot – which might have been due to my exertions – or perhaps due to getting excited by what I was doing to the submissive. Anyway I decided to take off the jacket. I am most definitely not bashful about my body. Far from it… I love my body and am proud of it.

But at that point, the submissive commented that they were pleasantly surprised to see that I had (rather lovely) breasts. In practice, I am slightly amazed that they could see, given their prone position and how tightly they were bound – but even so I was surprised by their surprise.

Anyway… things moved on. But afterwards, we were hanging out and talking… about all sorts of things… And then the submissive commented on that moment – and how they hadn’t been sure whether I had breasts or not based on looking at my pictures online.

Now in one sense I was flattered that they had arranged to see me, even while they were not sure about my body – which turned out to be based on reading my blog and getting a good sense of me. But in another sense I was concerned. I had taken a deliberate decision when setting up my website and gallery that it should be “discreet” – in part because that was what I was comfortable with, and in part because some of the places where I intended to use the pictures (such as Eros Guide) are quite strict about content. So some of the pictures have a hint of cleavage – but none really show off the beauty of my lovely 38Cs.

Which now concerns me… I am aware that some slaves who see me are struggling with their attraction to me – or that is important to them that their interactions are “forced”. And in those cases it is very important to them that I am a woman, albeit with something extra. And I suspect that a crucial part of my being a woman to them is that I have breasts – along with how I talk and act. 

So now I am thinking that I should do a few more pictures featuring cleavage and very obvious breasts – even if not actual nipples – just to reassure some potential submissives, particularly those who are interested in “forced bi”, that I am very much a woman. Perhaps this is a situation where my being discreet might have been having a negative effect…? What do you think? 

Ms Emilie