The following are a selection of reviews from submissives/slaves. They are edited for discretion.

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"It was my second time to see Mistress and I was ,maybe , even more nervous than the first. Mistress stood in front of me wearing that amazing black latex outfit (, full stockings, boots and heels. I was lead to the couch and we popped the bubbles, toasted and gently kissed. Then Mistress collared me moment..pulled back the latex... I was already warned that I was a bit of a brat in the first session so I had better behave. Strapped to the cross it was laid back. She sipped the bubbles and spat them into my mouth followed by her long tongue. Next thing I knew I was strapped hard to a bench.  We finished the session chatting like the lovers we seem to have become! I never dreamed I would be enjoying a gorgeous female domme..but here I am..Interesting!! Thanks" B 2019

“I have been with several lady dommes over the years. But I had never considered a session with a trans domme until I stumbled across Ms Emilie's website. I finally got up the courage to contact her. I loved the sound of her voice.. both soothing and sexy.. I stood in the rain clutching the bubbles I had brought..I was both excited and terrified.. until the door opened. Ms Emile stood in front of me dressed in her leather bustier, stockings and knee high boots. She smiled down at me through her scarlet lips and ushered me inside. Mistress immediately calmed me down as we sipped the bubbles and chatted like old lovers. Then.. I was told to undress, hands behind my back, and a collar was put on. Mistress ordered me to kneel in front of her. On her orders I worshiped her through the panties. Then she strapped me down on the bench... She released me and we lay down on the bed together like longtime lovers. We lay there cuddling...just amazing. I thank you Ms Emilie and look forward to more kinky, sexy times together - maybe with another domme/switch joining us...” M 2019

"I contacted Ms Emilie and was immediately struck by her professionalism, discretion and kindness (to a point).  Relatively new to this, upon arrival at an amazing, historic location, she kindly explained her rules for behavior and what would be expected if they weren’t followed.  Once I agreed, she told me to disrobe in front of her.  She then collared me and led to our play space.  I was immediately struck by her presence and, more precisely, her bulging panties.  At her command proceeded to mouth that gorgeous cock through her panties. Without giving too much up, the first session ended with a significant and satisfactory ending. After wonderful subsequent correspondence, Ms Emilie found a willing, gorgeous, cis-female domme to tag team me. I was used in every way possible and culminated in the other domme cumming on my face while Ms Emilie came in my ass - all the while bound and helpless to do otherwise.  They then made sure I was satisfied.  I left feeling wonderful, sexy, appreciated and completely dominated. She is generous, not just with time but with advice, introductions and experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ms Emilie to any willing sub, experienced or new." Philip 2018

"i was going to be in the bay area on business and was looking for a little fun while there.  i found Mistress Emilie on a website, read her interests and contacted her via email.  After a few communications (due to the advanced scheduling and screening) i was very comfortable and extremely turned on.  That sexy British accent was running thru my head as i opened the door to see this Goddess the dream i had been dreaming standing before me!  It took great strength not to fall to my knees but i knew i had to wait for Her command.  Mistress came equipped with several toys that based on our communications she knew were perfect for our session. W/we talked, i cleaned up (had just arrived from the Airport) and Mistress instructed that once the collar went on i was to do as i was told. i was determined to please Mistress and my mind was swimming with the pleasures that were to come.  Mistress stretched some of my preconceived limits which i greatly appreciated.  i will definitely see Mistress Emilie again. our session had me sated but now i want more. i can't wait to see Her again" Mike 2018

"I found Ms. Emilie on a website and was immediately wanting to meet her. I contacted her, and we arranged a "coffee meeting," since I could not provide a reference. The meeting place was very quaint, and eased some of my nerves going into my first session shortly after the meeting. Ms. Emilie's dungeon is very clean and well equipped in a very good area. We discussed a few things, went over a few safe words, and then she collared me and the session began!  Ms. Emilie expanded on my limited experience and both times I've seen her, she has pushed me further and further! If you're looking for a TS Mistress, Ms. Emilie is the one you want! I'm looking forward again to being collared and leashed, and serving Ms. Emilie soon!!!" Kevin 2017

“I am a kinky, submissive sissy and it is quite difficult to find a professional dominatrix who truly knows my needs. My search is over. Ms Emilie made me squirm in delicious pain, quiver with fear, and purr with pleasure. She is my perfect dominatrix. She understands me and my many sissy needs: to be pretty, to feel sexy, to be owned, to be transformed and created by her. Since our visit, I haven’t gone for more than minutes without thinking about our short, wonderful time together. I can’t wait to do it again.”  Nancy 2016

"Ms Emilie is fantastic!  Give her proper communication, and she’ll reward you with domination that satisfies your desires, whether you knew it or not.  She is very respectful of your limits, yet will push your boundaries just enough to feel like a proper submissive.  Ms Emilie has empowered me to become the feminine self I wanted, then commanded that power for her own pleasure, owning both the body and the mind that gives to imagination.  Just like I had hoped." Bettany 2015

"If you have ever fantasized about a trans woman dominant then you must see Ms Emilie.  I have seen her twice now and both times were fantastic with totally different themes. She is very clean, safe and intelligent and a great personality and a body many women would die for. Her dungeon is in a safe neighborhood and extremely well equipped and clean.  I'll definitely be back again and again." Frank 2014

“I love how Ms. Emilie makes her clients feel at ease in her dungeon. She takes time before the session to discuss the fetish's the client wants to focus on. Once you are collared she takes charge, and you are her submissive slave. In my case, she dresses me in lovely lingerie before the punishment begins. My bottom was also quite red from her spanks and paddle (panties down). She can tease you into body worship if you are good. I recommend Ms. Emilie and just made an appointment for her Tax Special offer, you should too!”  Kiera 2014 

"I'm a 45 year old man who has never been able to explore my submissive nature. With a couple of weeks of communication and one session, Ms Emilie has helped change my life and opened up doors I thought would always be closed. Her extreme kindness and trustworthiness made this possible (don't worry, the kindness stops once she's twisting your nipples!). I can never go back. Thank you, Ms Emilie -- I look forward to future sessions of your perfect mix of kindness and cruelty!” Ron 2014