I seem to be traveling rather a lot lately. In part because I seem to have collected a stable of regular slaves and sissies who are in Southern California or even further afield. And in part because I have a bunch of lovers and friends who are “working away” – where they find it difficult to get much time off, so the only way I can spend time with them is by visiting.

All of this is by way of saying that I will be travelling in Southern California over the Holidays – from December 21st through to January 2nd.

In the past when I have been traveling, there have been occasions where regular slaves and sissies have “complained” that I am not available. Now really…! They are not really in a position to complain. They should consider themselves extremely fortunate that I allow them to book time with me at all. But perhaps because I am so “sweet” (not!), and I do rather love my regular slaves and sissies, I am letting them all know. 

And of course, if you are in Southern California, I do have a few free days where you could finally book a session… 

Ms Emilie