Restarting Sessions and a Guest Blog

I have just started doing in person sessions again – which is the first since early March 2020 - – but only for already established and ‘vaccinated plus 2 weeks’ slaves. I will not be seeing new slaves (even if they have wonderful references and/or recommendations) for a few months – by which time, I will have worked my way back into the swing of things through sessions with familiar slaves.


Some musings on re-entry…

I have not been doing in person sessions since the start of the Pandemic – which was early March 2020 in San Francisco. And for almost all of that time I have been ‘social distancing’ and/or staying home.

First Time

Not mine – I have been doing this for decades – and professionally since 2013. But yours… Are you ready to take that step – and book a session with me…?

I am fortunate enough to have quite a few devoted slaves / sissies – who book to see me every month or two or three. So there are some weeks when I can be quite busy. Even so, I am careful to only book a relatively small number of sessions per week – to ensure that I am energetic and attentive and engaged.

Sweetheart Deal

It’s that time of year… When thoughts turn to romance… Or perhaps to kink and BDSM…?

So in the spirit of the ‘season’, I am offering a ‘sweetheart deal’… a Valentine’s Special…

Pink Latex Sissy Maid

One of the lovely things about what I do, is that I help slaves explore their fantasies – and in the process I get to expand what turns me on.

But some of those slaves are nervous. Nervous about seeing someone like me. And nervous about indulging their fantasies with me. So it can sometimes take a long time to schedule things – even when both our schedules align.

Rates and Grandfathering

I have been putting this off for a while – because I know that even some of my most loyal slaves can struggle to get the money together for my existing session rates. But I have held my rates steady since 2013 – and now it is time for an increase.

Fantasies Do Come True

I am fortunate enough to have a whole series of regular slaves – some of whom have been seeing me since I started back in early 2013. [You know who you are K]. 

But every now and again, I get to see a ‘first time slave’. Sometimes those slaves might be ticking a ‘bucket list’ item – and perhaps after a session with me they conclude that, while it was interesting, it wasn’t really their thing? Which is totally fine!

Remote Mistress

One of the lovely things about what I do is that I am rarely surprised by anything. But a session a week or so ago did introduce some new things…

To go back 3 or 4 weeks…. I was contacted by a new slave (M). They had been instructed to contact me by their Mistress – who wanted them to engage me to help with their slut training. Of course I was happy to oblige!