Following on from my post about lingerie… The other item of clothing that I am truly interested in is boots.

On an everyday basis I do not get to wear boots that often. Partly because the weather in San Francisco rarely requires that much footwear. And partly because running around the shops in five inch heels isn’t that practical.

But when I am in my dungeon I can really indulge my passion for boots. For example wearing my 4 ¾” Chucky Heel Knee-Hi  Boots, complete with multiple Mad Max straps and buckles. Or my Bella Vita Cody black ankle boots – which as it happens I can wear down the shops – or down to Folsom.

I think my slaves and submissives rather appreciate my taste in boots. And how I look as I tower over them.  They seem so small. After all I am 5’ 10” and with a 2” to 4 ¾” heel that makes me six foot plus. That’s a whole lot of domme!

Ms Emilie