I love lingerie. I like to buy it for myself. And I love it when my rather wonderfully attentive and adoring submissives buy it for me – in particular from my wishlists at Five and DiamondHeavy Red or House of Harlot.

One rather wonderful aspect of what I do is that I get to dress up in lovely lingerie and fetish wear. I love love (deliberate repetition) the feeling of stockings, corsets, high fashion lingerie. It’s partly sensual – the materials and how they feel on my body. Sure. Silk chiffon and satin and lace please the sense of touch. Fluid body lines please the eye. But is it sexual? Well… that depends… on me and whoever else is there….

So this last week… And this is what got me thinking about this… I had a session with a regular sissy (regular in the sense that they see me perhaps twice a year) who is very very (deliberate repetition) into lingerie. So every session starts with her showing me the lingerie she has acquired and/or brought to the session. And I like to do the same – show her what I am thinking of wearing. Which is unusual. I am usually completely ready and dressed (in all my finery) when a slave / submissive / sissy arrives in my dungeon. But in this case, I like the process. I like spending time reviewing what she might wear – and having her review what I might wear. A lot of that is visual. But it is also about sharing. Two women doing “dress up”. Enjoying talking about what might work, what might look good. Enjoying the sensual feeling of different items of clothing. Taking our time trying things until we find the particular combinations of items that work for us.

Perhaps for me… From the bottom up… Elaborate ankle boots, then two layers of stockings – classic nylon holdups with knee socks with bows over, then frilly boi shorts, then an old school leather corset. For my sissy… stockings, then frilly pants under a frilly dress, then a lacy teddy.

Getting dressed can take nearly half the session. But it’s worth it. And then we get started

Ms Emilie