A year ago, I blogged about “branding” submissives - where I write ownership messages on their bums (butts for you Americans) – messages like “Ms Emilie’s Bitch” or “Ms Emilie’s Slut” or “Ms Emilie’s Sissy”. Since then I have started to accumulate quite a gallery of branded submissives.

As it happens the majority of my slaves and sissies are cis men – although some might aspire to be otherwise. But lately I seem to be seeing quite a few couples and even some cis women. So that means that I haven’t had so many problems with hair and branding - and that I now have a little bit more genital variety in my branding gallery.

But then I am also very fond of lingerie. So in some recent sessions, where one of the slaves is a cis woman, after branding, I have appropriated their panties as a souvenir. It gives me such a lovely thrill – that they are heading home with my brand on their bums – and I am heading home wearing their panties.

In fact, right now, I am wearing some rather gorgeous black and green, skimpy, lacy, panties, that I “took” from a rather lovely slave yesterday. They used to belong to this bum.

Ms Emilie