And I’m not referring to the musical – fabulous though it is! Rather I’m talking about hair on clients – or not.

Clients come in all shapes and sizes. And male clients vary enormously in how much hair they have on their bodies – and where it is. Some male clients look like they are wearing adult wooly romper suits, whereas others look like they are freshly shaved all over. Perhaps they are, but perhaps they are naturally hairless.

Luckily, I find it quite easy to find something attractive in all my clients. But the truth is I do have a preference for smooth hairless bodies.

Now I am not prescriptive about body types and/or hairiness, but I am also happy that some male clients find it particularly interesting / arousing in my improving their hair situation (from my point of view at least) – and making them smoother. It works for me too. I really like sessions where I can start by securely binding a hairy client, perhaps with a blindfold, and then shaving them. I always think that having got them into that position, I should certainly at a minimum shave their cock, balls and ass, but I much prefer it if I can go the whole way – and render their body completely hair-free (at least for a day or two).

And once they are both helpless and newly hairless, they are so much more fun to play with…


Ms Emilie