A few months back (in October?) I blogged about “branding” submissives - where I write ownership messages on their bums (butts for you Americans). In quite a few cases I have to do some shaving first. Some submissives have such hairy bums that it can be hard to see what I am writing? And then I write messages in sharpie on their butts – “Ms Emilie’s Bitch” or “Ms Emilie’s Slut” or “Ms Emilie’s Sissy”.

I am kind enough that I let them choose whether they are a “bitch”, “slut” or “sissy”. And I am kind enough to only write in Sharpie which wears off in a few days, especially in moist areas. But they do have the thrill of walking around for that period knowing that their little bums are branded – and having to manage things so that partners and/or sports buddies do not see.

But even though hardly anyone (and possibly no one other than me) will see the brand, they know it’s there – that they are carrying my mark on their bodies. And I rather love that.

So I have been branding more and more – and accumulating quite a few examples of branded bums at https://fetlife.com/users/2151700/pictures. Thank you to all the gorgeous submissives, slaves and sissies who have lent their bums to my branding project – not that they really had much choice.

I wonder whether you will be next…?

Ms Emilie