It seems that every area of professional expertise has a set of in-crowd acronyms. Back in the day, when I was in software, we had so many – even down to TLAs (three letter acronyms). And now as a pro domme, it turns out that our community has almost as many acronyms...


I recently had a potential slave asking whether I did pegging – as I do not mention that on my website.

“Pegging” is usually taken to mean a cis woman taking a submissive with a strap-on. But I am not a cis woman – I am a trans woman. And while I do have a variety of silicone dildos for various play purposes, I also have an organic cock (there… I said it) which I can use to “peg” my submissives.


There is a shift happening in the Bay Area. I have lived in San Francisco since 2000 and have always loved it here. But the City is changing – in particular the effects of gentrification, with rising rents driven by tech bros driving out the artists, queers and/or sex workers. So many people I know are now living somewhere in the East Bay. I can really feel the center of stuff shifting eastwards towards Oakland.

Eros raided

If you think about it… I am running a small independent business - connecting slaves’ fantasies to the reality of meeting me. I love what I do. And I love that I make my slaves’ fantasies come true.

Public Play

Many of my slaves are very private. I don’t know their personal situations, and I am happy not to know – that’s their business. But it does mean that they just turn up to “scratch their itch”. And that they are perfectly happy to turn up at the agreed time, to spend time one-on-one with me in my dungeon, and then just go back to their regular “vanilla” lives.

But every now and then… I have a more adventurous slave. Perhaps they are more experienced – a long term “player”. Or perhaps they are relatively new and exploring. But they are interested in going out in public – on being on display.


Being kinky in San Francisco, one of the high points of the year is Folsom. But in reality, as it has become larger and larger, it has become more and more “vanilla” – to the point where I haven’t been for a few years…

I did go to Folsom two years ago, where I had an intense and interesting time over two or three days with an ever shifting bunch of friends and slaves. But that had its issues and/or limitations – mainly because it was sooo crowded and it was sooo hard to find or be authentically kinky.


Some of you will remember that I was on hiatus during August. Partly because I was travelling for a few weeks, then being scheduled for a small medical procedure (which went very well - nothing to be worried about) which necessitated a few weeks recuperation. And then I realized… I was ready for a break - an opportunity to recharge my batteries – which would also allow me to spend more time with friends and acquaintances in the community.

Chocolate (or not?)

One thing that always amazes me about the human race is how so very similar we all are – and yet in some respects so very different.

In particular… Personally, I don’t really like chocolate. I don’t dislike it… I am just rather neutral.

Hiatus until end-August

I have been seeing slaves since April 2013 – although I was very much embedded in the local BDSM and sex-positive community for many years before that. I have loved the wonderful variety of people I have seen over the past four years plus, and the wonderful variety of interesting sexual things I have been getting up to in session. I have particularly loved the rich relationships I have established with some of my regulars – some of whom are now genuine friends (including going to their birthday parties, meeting their partners, etc.).

Collective Sissies

I was exchanging messages on Fetlife with one of my favourite sissies (kieragurl), talking about a recent session with Burumasan and another young trans woman (not on Fetlife) who Burumasan had introduced me to, when I dived down a language rat hole.