I have just started doing in person sessions again – which is the first since early March 2020 - – but only for already established and ‘vaccinated plus 2 weeks’ slaves. I will not be seeing new slaves (even if they have wonderful references and/or recommendations) for a few months – by which time, I will have worked my way back into the swing of things through sessions with familiar slaves.

For my first session last week, I saw one of my favourite slaves in Sacred Muse in Oakland (https://sacred-muse.org/). And it went rather beautifully. I just love dominating slaves – and they seem to rather love being dominated by me.

But then I also decided that I would restart my occasional guest blogs – where one of my slaves writes the blog entry for me – for example https://msemilieoxford.com/2014/12/21/so-this-is-your-first-time-guest-post. Perhaps that is another example of my domme style – getting the slaves to do the work? So here is that slave’s guest blog

Stay safe…

Ms Emilie


Ms Emilie opened the door and smiled. I was captivated. It had been more than a year since this wonderful lady had loved, used and abused me and I was so ready for a two hour escape from the pandemic nightmare and a very recent sad turn of events in my own life. Ms Emilie had told me that I was the first slave to serve her after the pandemic and she was not sure how horny she would be .We both soon found out!

I brought some fine bubbles and a favorite bottle of red wine for Mistress and we sat and chatted while we sipped the bubbles. Then she ordered me to my knees and removed her lacy bra. I gently sucked her very sensitive nipples and she told me to dribble the bubbles on them. Mistress told me that she truly enjoyed my gentle sucking and could feel her horniness returning.

It was then Mistress pulled back her lovely damp, lace panties to reveal her fine cock. She was semi hard and she told me, in no uncertain terms, to take care of that. As I played with her nipples I took her cock deep in my mouth, sucking her up and down slowly as she ordered. It took little time for me to feel Mistress get rock hard.

Mistress told me I was a wonderful cock sucker and not to stop! I told her she had the only real cock I had ever sucked in my life - a gorgeous, smooth cock belonging to a true lady with lovely soft breasts, gorgeous lips....and that long tongue!

I kept sucking on her orders and I think she might have been happy to let me do that for the two hour session! I have a smoking/vape fetish and she took a long drag from her vape and then blew it into my waiting mouth and she squeezed my nipples and then slid her long tongue deep into me. Heaven.

Now rock hard and with her panties long gone, but still with those lovely silk stockings and boots, Mistress led me to the cross. I was strapped hard to the cross. Mistress approached me pushing her hard cock into me . She vaped, she French kissed me deeply and squeezed my nipples, cock and balls hard.

I knew what was coming next. Mistress just wanted to fuck me and fuck me hard. Mistress strapped me to the fucking bench so I could watch in the mirror. She lubed my mancunt with "fucking water" and opened me up with her fingers before inserting a butt plug in me.

Mistress walked to the front of the bench and I sucked her again. She was rock hard. I watched in the mirror as she pulled out the butt plug and then ordered me to put the rubber on her cock with my mouth like the cheap whore she had made me!

Mistress got behind me and I felt the tip of her cock then all of her slide into me. Mistress fucked me slowly, she fucked me hard, she moaned and told me how she was enjoying me. She kept fucking me and I thought she was cumming many times but she held off.

Finally she released me and told me to open the red wine. Laying back on the huge bed we sipped wine and then she climbed up on my face and ordered me to suck her again. She jerked her cock right over my face and mouth and I thought for the first time I might taste her sweet juice. She plunged her cock into my waiting mouth.......

I only hope Ms Emilie enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed her. She is a unique, sexual, kinky, smart lady who happens to have a lovely cock! I hope she feels fondly of me too..