aka A horny Domme stuck at home!

I have been ‘social distancing’ since March 11th – the day after my last in-person session (more on that below). See http://msemilieoxford.com/2020/03/14/social-distancing-online-chat

I have been at home almost all of that time – with very rare local ‘expeditions’ to get coffee or wine – and a stream of home food deliveries.

It has been four (4) weeks now. I am getting very antsy and very horny.

Over that four weeks, I have been doing virtual sessions with a few devoted slaves. But it turns out that while virtual domination may work for the slaves, it doesn’t have quite the same excitement for me. Perhaps I am somewhat old-fashioned in this respect, but I miss the contact - the smells and sounds of domination.

But fortunately, I still have very strong memories from my last in-person session. That was my very first session at Nightshade in the City. It was also my first session alongside a good friend, who is investigating BDSM and kink – and is my new ‘Mistress in Training’ (Mistress Mercedes). And as I have done several times before, with Mistress Lisa and Mistress Amelie, one of my favourite slaves Kiera was the lucky ‘stunt bottom’.

After introductions and an initial level set, we spent the main part of the session ‘branding’ Kiera and spreading her over various pieces of Nightshade equipment. Kiera was then ‘forced’ to pleasure me (she didn’t need too much encouragement), which very quickly had the effect of getting me very excited. And so I decided to fuck Kiera – which I did after Mistress Mercedes ‘fluffed’ me (not that much fluffing was needed!).

Throughout all of this, even while fluffing me, Mistress Mercedes took a series of pictures – which you can see at https://fetlife.com/users/2151700/pictures (account and login required).

Looking forward, I hope we can get back to that kind of in-person contact at some point soon – at which point I expect to be absolutely brimming with energy.

Stay safe…

Ms Emilie