Not mine – I have been doing this for decades – and professionally since 2013. But yours… Are you ready to take that step – and book a session with me…?

I am fortunate enough to have quite a few devoted slaves / sissies – who book to see me every month or two or three. So there are some weeks when I can be quite busy. Even so, I am careful to only book a relatively small number of sessions per week – to ensure that I am energetic and attentive and engaged.

But then… I also have a steady stream of first time slaves / sissies. Sometimes they have been fantasizing about seeing a TS Domme for years. And then they decide to see me. Perhaps because they are living in Europe or Africa or the Far East and now are finally visiting the Bay Area on business. Or perhaps because they are local and their attraction / fascination has reached a level where they can no longer resist.

I like to think that I am good with ‘first timers’ - They do tend to come back. For example, over the past few weeks, I saw two new slaves…

‘A’ is younger (perhaps only 35) and ‘something in tech’ – and had only limited experience seeing professional providers. So in some respects they took a large step seeing me. They booked 2 hours at Black Thorn ( and turned out to be completely lovely – spending their time really submersing themselves in exploring fancy lingerie and worshipping me.

‘L’ is older and much more experienced with providers – but had never seen a TS Domme before. But they turned out to be a wonderful combination of sensuality and masochism – and I loved cuddling and kissing them, while torturing them mercilessly. I do love inflicting (consensual) pain. It makes me so horny.

So… I love my devoted regular slaves. But I also love meeting and recruiting new slaves…

Ms Emilie