DomCon LA 2013 - Thoughts

I got back from DomCon LA a few days ago and wanted to to set down some thoughts... 

This was the 10 year anniversary of DomCon LA and it was a really huge event - perhaps 500 people or more. But it was the first time that I'd been, and actually the first time I'd heard of it. Which makes one wonder how a huge BDSM / kink event in LA can make it to 10 years, but people in the Bay Area haven't heard of it? O well... 

Even Hotter!!

After a mini heat wave a week or so ago, we're having another one... and today it is nearly 85F in San Francisco. Yesterday was almost as hot, and last night it barely cooled down. Which meant some special challenges for a session with a new client up in the Oakland Hills...


We're having a heat wave! Well... as much as one ever gets a heat wave in San Francisco?! It must have been a sultry 75F in the Mission today! Not much of a heat wave even by Bay Area standards, and certainly not much of one by national standards, but sufficient to coat Dolores Beach with half-naked kewties... splayed out like starfish in the sun.

First Time?

For whatever reason, I've seen several "first time" clients over the past few weeks. Strictly speaking, none were absolutely first time,  but in one case their previous experience was six years ago, and in another it was their first visit to a transsexual domina. So nearly so..

And in some respects the runup to the session, and the session itself, were noticeably different to what one expects with an experienced client.

DomCon LA May 9-13

I am now all booked up to go to DomCon LA from May 9 - 13. And will be available for bookings if you want to arrange a session while I am in town...

There is a long list of interesting workshops and seminars. For example, there is a presentation on "Your Business is the IRS' Business", which covers how to keep track of income and expenses, and how to keep records, so that your tax returns go smoothly. Not the most exciting topic, but very necessary!