Holiday break

It seems like so many of my posts lately are about my travelling – and therefore being unavailable to my devoted Bay Area subs, sissies and slaves. Poor dears. 

But once again, unfortunately for my Bay Area subs, sissies and slaves, I will be travelling over the Holidays (is that capitalized now?) – departing tomorrow Monday 19th and returning January 1st.

Winter break

I am taking a short winter break over the next ten days or so.

Initially I will be in Las Vegas over the weekend visiting friends, and then in Southern California visiting more friends. I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and diverse friendship network – it seems wherever I go.

Report - International School of Temple Arts (SSSEX) in Las Vegas

This is a more personal post than usual – but some of my submissives, slaves and sissies have already heard something about this and have expressed a desire to know more. So here goes…

The week before last I attended the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SEXX) workshop in Las Vegas.

International School of Temple Arts (SSSEX) in Las Vegas - February 16th-22nd

I am very interested in sex and sexuality - and I get lots of exposure and experience with my wonderful slaves, sissies and submissives. But I am also constantly looking to expand my horizons – to become more personally empowered and sexually liberated.

So I just signed up for Dr. Shelley’s week-long sacred sexuality retreat in Las Vegas, February 16th-22nd.