I am very interested in sex and sexuality - and I get lots of exposure and experience with my wonderful slaves, sissies and submissives. But I am also constantly looking to expand my horizons – to become more personally empowered and sexually liberated.

So I just signed up for Dr. Shelley’s week-long sacred sexuality retreat in Las Vegas, February 16th-22nd.

This is the first time the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) will be in Vegas, offering the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SEXX). As they say, Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, is a wonderfully sexually liberal, non-judgmental, place to explore expanded sexuality.

I am looking forward to an intensive focused week on sacred sexuality.

I will be available for private outcall sessions while I am there. But the course is apparently pretty intense, so it would be wise to book some way ahead.

Ms Emilie