Several of my regular slaves have been asking me why I haven’t blogged much lately. In fact, I haven’t posted anything since December!

They have also been asking why I haven’t been posting session pictures to my Fetlife gallery - And in fact, until a few weeks ago when there was a flurry of activity, I hadn’t posted anything for 8 months.

Why have I been so quiet? Well, some of my slaves may remember that a few years back, I went on hiatus for a few months - But it wasn’t that.

In practice, for most of 2019, there have been some major re-alignments in my personal life. Nothing bad… Mostly good… But changes nevertheless. And while I was seeing regular and new slaves as usual, I didn’t feel moved to post blogs and/or pictures. In part, because I was distracted by personal stuff. But perhaps also because, after 6 years or so, I was feeling a little ‘bored’? Perhaps I was struggling to find new topics to blog about… Perhaps I was struggling to find new angles for pictures?

In any event, after 6 months or more, my personal life changes have settled down. And my interest in blogging and pictures has been renewed. Look out… It’s Ms Emilie 2.0!

And to celebrate, I am doing a ‘Labor Day Renewal Special’. The deal this time should be familiar… If you’ve seen me before and you book a session between August 15th and September 15th, then there is a $50 discount for each hour. So the fee for a one hour session is $250 (rather than the usual $300). And a two hour session is $450 (rather than the usual $550). The only condition is that you book the session between August 15th and September 15th – although the actual session date can be after that window.

I am always surprised how many regular slaves, submissives and sissies respond to my “specials” and book a session. Perhaps that indicates how many people are feeling anxious about their spending in the current economy – and being careful with their cash and looking out for discounts (wherever they might occur)?

Anyway, I now look forward to seeing some regulars who I have not seen for a while.... 

Ms Emilie