Remote Mistress

One of the lovely things about what I do is that I am rarely surprised by anything. But a session a week or so ago did introduce some new things…

To go back 3 or 4 weeks…. I was contacted by a new slave (M). They had been instructed to contact me by their Mistress – who wanted them to engage me to help with their slut training. Of course I was happy to oblige!

Ms Emilie 2.0

Several of my regular slaves have been asking me why I haven’t blogged much lately. In fact, I haven’t posted anything since December!

They have also been asking why I haven’t been posting session pictures to my Fetlife gallery - And in fact, until a few weeks ago when there was a flurry of activity, I hadn’t posted anything for 8 months.

New Year Special

Regular slaves will know that I usually do several “specials” each year. But recently several of my favourtite slaves have reminded me that so far this year I have only had one special – a Tax Day special - which was obviously back in April.

So it is time to do a “New Year Special”…

Domestic Servitude

One of my particular interests is Domestic Servitude: including cleaning, sissy-maid training, gardening, … Put quite simply, there is nothing quite so wonderful as having a slave lovingly working away to make a house spick and span.

Public Play (2)

As I said in a blog last year, many of my slaves are very private. I don’t know their personal situations, and I am happy not to know – that’s their business.  But every now and then, one of my slaves is interested in being more adventurous. They might be more experienced – or perhaps they are new and exploring. But whatever their experience level, they are interested in going out in public – on being on display.


I really enjoy taking pictures when I am in session – there’s something sooooo exciting about ass’s presented and branded… But to be honest, I have been somewhat dilatory about posting pictures over the past month or so…

Am I gay?

At one point in the past, I blogged about "forced bi" - but in all honesty it seems that most slaves and/or sissies do not need to be forced.

So to be clear... I am a transsexual domme. And a very high proportion of my slaves/sissies are interested in some version of "forced bi" – where they (to be plain) want to suck my cock - sometimes for the whole session. Or they want to be fucked by me - even when they do not really have enough experience with anal sex for that.