When I was setting up my website I made a decision to not have an online calendar – mainly because I see so many online that are either not very active and/or not maintained. So I concluded that my having one was too much trouble.

But then it does seem that I am travelling rather a lot lately – and in particular visiting Southern California every month. As I said in December, that is partly because I seem to have a group of regular slaves and sissies in Southern California, and also because I have some romantic interest down there. By the way, what is the correct collective noun for a collection of slaves and sissies?

All of this is by way of saying that I will be in Southern California (in the Palm Springs area and Los Angeles from February 10th through February 17th. 

I have quite a busy schedule while I am there, but there are still some free times. So if you are in Southern California, this would be a good time to book a session…

Ms Emilie