I was on a road trip over Spring Break, and while that went rather well, when I got back, I got a cold.

While I am very English (born in London), I am from Irish peasant stock - where I always imagine that my immune system has been fine-tuned by hundreds of years of evolution - living on potatoes and not much else in a wet and cold environment - where all the weak people were weeded out. I have a strong immune system and usually I only get a two day cold every year or two. But this time has been different. I have been out of circulation and under the weather for the best part of ten days. I'm not used to this!

So in the interim, I have had to defer a whole series of sessions with regular slaves and sissies, and then decline sessions with new / visiting people. I regret not being able to meet the new people, but perhaps they will contact me again in a month or two when I am healthy again. And my regular slaves and sissies have been very understanding – happily rescheduling for later this month – in some cases still qualifying for my Tax Special.

Throughout this period, I have been very focused on managing my symptoms – so haven’t really had much sexual energy. Which is the second time in a few months where that has been true – see http://msemilieoxford.com/2015/03/03/report-international-school-of-temple-arts-sssex-in-las-vegas. But then I noticed today that some sexual energy was coming back – which is perhaps a sign that I am healing?

Ms Emilie