I am sometimes aware of what is going on in my slaves / submissives / sissies lives – and sometimes not. I always respect their privacy. So it all depends on how much they want to share with me. But then, based on limited information, I do detect some patterns…

So based on very little, here’s my thinking…

Winter break

I am taking a short winter break over the next ten days or so.

Initially I will be in Las Vegas over the weekend visiting friends, and then in Southern California visiting more friends. I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and diverse friendship network – it seems wherever I go.

Back from Europe

I was on an extended vacation in Europe, in London, Paris, Spain or Portugal, during the second half of July and the first half of August – which was rather wonderful and full of cultural and social events. It really felt like it recharged my batteries…

But now I am back and catching up. And find that my schedule is very busy – with a whole series of slaves and submissives eager to see me after having been deprived of my presence for 4-6 weeks. And it is rather lovely to see them too…

Life and scheduling is deliciously complicated. But I love it…

Travel in Europe – July 15th to August 20th

I have been travelling rather a lot lately. But in a few weeks, I have almost a month or more of travel coming up.

On and off over the past year or so, I have been travelling within the US, partly for social and/or personal reasons, and partly so I can see slaves and submissives in other cities. It is rather lovely when I get to see slaves and submissives who would not ordinarily get to see me, just because they live somewhere other than the Bay Area.


I rather love it when I have a project.

Some considerable proportion of my slaves / submissives / sissies see me every few months or so – and then go back to their everyday lives. I do not ask about those lives, but assume that they may have partners or wives, who do not understand, or do not know about, their particular interests in BDSM and seeing a domme like me. Which is fine. I love to celebrate and indulge their interests – which can be so varied and alluring. And I do not need to know all that much about their lives to enjoy their company and their devotion.


Way back… When I was doing a course at the Academy of S&M Arts Womens Pro Intensive, I was struck by something that Cleo Du Bois said – that so many of her long term slaves recognized and locked into the perfume she wore – that they associated the smell of the perfume on her with their submission.

Two Sissies

Last week I had a rather wonderful session with two sissies – Kiera (who is quite a regular) and J (who prefers to be discreet).

A session with two sissies was a first for me. I have had quite a few sessions with two slaves or sessions where I co-domme - but never two sissies at the same time.