I have been putting this off for a while – because I know that even some of my most loyal slaves can struggle to get the money together for my existing session rates. But I have held my rates steady since 2013 – and now it is time for an increase.

So, as of January 1st 2020, my standard fee for a one hour session at one of my locations will be $360. The standard fee for a two hour session will be $660. Certain types of fetish sessions may require a higher fee. The fees for outcall sessions are broadly similar but will vary depending on distance and situation – for example I may require a travel fee.

However, I will allow established slaves to continue at the old rates ($300 and $550 for one and two hours respectively) in the following circumstances.

  • You must have seen me in the 3 months before January 1st – that is, since October 1st 2019


  • You must see me in the 3 months after January 1st – that is, by March 31st 2020.

I believe this a very generous ‘grandfather’ arrangement, and that it should be one that most of my established slaves can comply with. But I will be strict in enforcing these deadlines, and if you miss out on seeing me within that windows, you will have lost your old rate permanently.

Thank you for understanding that grandfathering is a privilege, not a right, and should be treated accordingly.

Ms Emilie