Super Bowl 50 is in less than two weeks, and one can already see significant impacts here in San Francisco.

Traffic is gridlocked downtown by a series of road closures (which will be in force through February 12th) as they build Super Bowl City, a giant promotional complex for the game at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara – which is nearly 50 miles away. And hotel prices are climbing rapidly – to the point where a three star downtown hotel will likely start at $300 a night for Super Bowl 50 weekend.

At one level, that doesn’t really affect me. I rarely go downtown, even though it is only 1.5 miles away, except to meet up with visiting slaves – and then I probably use MUNI (I just love sitting on MUNI with a bag full of bondage equipment!) and then my slaves are worrying about hotel room costs (plus extras like a nice bottle of red wine).

But I am seeing some effects…

Over the past few weeks there does seem to be a significant increase in inquiries in my inbox from potential slaves who are going to be visiting in the next few weeks. They don’t always say that they are here for the Super Bowl, but some of them do – and some of them are clearly overjoyed that they get to visit San Francisco where they feel free to explore, where they finally get a chance to see me. One slave very touchingly admitted that he has been monitoring my website and posts for nearly three years, all the time hoping and dreaming that he would find a reason to visit San Francisco. How sweet.

But there has also been a significant increase in press hysteria about trafficking at the Super Bowl. In fact, this story has been a recurring one at Super Bowls. But there is zero evidence that it has ever happened. For example, Snopes judged the notion that “each year the city hosting the Super Bowl is inundated by an influx of prostitutes” to be Mostly False.

But despite a complete lack of evidence, the FBI is still planning on mounting an operation to combat trafficking at Super Bowl 50. In practice, that operation is very unlikely to catch any traffickers or trafficked victims, but will, if history is any indication, result in a series of stings that will entrap adult sex workers and their clients.

I haven’t seen any signs of sting operations so far, but I am mindful. And so, sadly for all the new, first time, visiting slaves, I am being especially careful about verification – by at least one, and ideally two, reputable providers. That certainly puts a kink in the process, but so far all the prospective slaves have understood that the extra care and extra steps help to protect both parties.

And then… after careful verification, I am looking forward to meeting and enjoying a succession of new slaves.

Ms Emilie