It’s the time of year when many people set themselves resolutions – usually to change their lives for the better. 

I personally haven’t been all that interested in resolutions, as I observe that in the past, when I did set myself resolutions, it was always significantly easier to set them then keep them. And I suspect that is true for many people. For example, I typically go to my local gym 3-4 times a week (mainly doing cardio work on the ellipticals) and I notice that January is significantly busier – as a whole new set of members join and start on a physical fitness regime as one of their resolutions. But then by mid-February usage levels go back to normal. And in practice, I’m pretty sure that gyms would be way over capacity if everybody who joined as part of a New Year’s resolution actually kept attending. 

But it appears that some people’s resolutions are in the area of spicing up their sex life or finally indulging the kinky side they have kept hidden for so long. I have noticed that in this first week of the New Year, the level of traffic to my website has spiked in a big way, there have been many more new inquiries in my inbox, and I have been setting up significantly more first-time sessions. So I presume that some people decided that this year was finally the time to see a TS domme?

Perhaps it had been on their to-do-list for quite some time, as it had been for a rather lovely new slave who I saw a few days ago – and the New year was finally the catalyst to make it happen.

I rather love the succession of new slaves – who are often scared and apprehensive, but oh so happy and fulfilled when the session meets and exceeds their fantasies and expectations.

Ms Emilie