One of the lovely things about what I do, is that I help slaves explore their fantasies – and in the process I get to expand what turns me on.

But some of those slaves are nervous. Nervous about seeing someone like me. And nervous about indulging their fantasies with me. So it can sometimes take a long time to schedule things – even when both our schedules align.

Given that, last week I was very happy to have a session with a new slave – who favours presenting as a pink latex sissy maid.

This was a first session for us together. So there was a slightly awkward initial sequence (more for them than for me?) while they checked through outfits and got ready. But then they were ready – and O So Hot! I have a well documented soft spot for sissies - And it turns out that I have an even softer spot for pink latex sissy maids wearing chastity cages! 

So of course… I had to have my way with the sissy. That was what they wanted after all. I tied them to a cage top and teased them. And then bound them to a spanking bench (at Black Thorn), plugged them, and branded them - see And then, one of the great things about that particular configuration of spanking bench is that I can have my sissy service me at both their ends…

All in all… We both had a very fun time… And I look forward to more pink latex sissy maid time...

Ms Emilie