For whatever reason, I've seen several "first time" clients over the past few weeks. Strictly speaking, none were absolutely first time,  but in one case their previous experience was six years ago, and in another it was their first visit to a transsexual domina. So nearly so..

And in some respects the runup to the session, and the session itself, were noticeably different to what one expects with an experienced client.

For example, during our email and phone conversations before the session, the clients were very nervous about privacy - going as far as worrying that there might be hidden cameras in the play space. Now one might think that we providers would be extremely reluctant to allow cameras in our play spaces, unless we're explicitly filming, but you have to respect that concern.

Similarly, the sessions were somewhat "vanilla", especially compared to the play more experienced clients like. But that relatively mild play was clearly very exciting and rewarding for the new clients, possibily because they had been fantasising about these situations for weeks (if not years), and were nearly overwhelmed by having their fantasies become reality. It was certainly very gratifying for me to have such happy, bubbly clients at the end of a session.

So while getting to the point of playing felt more difficult, the rewards post-play were rather wonderful. Given that, I'm going to tweak my ads and web site to make it clear that I like working with "first time" clients. They are fun!

Ms Emilie