bench and flogger

If you have not seen me before, read the information below, and then fill out the secure form below.

I am fully vaccinated. You should be prepared to show me your vaccination card.

  • Include a verifiable provider reference (that is, the name of a transsexual or domme you have seen before, which should include the provider's name and a link to her ad or phone number. You should also say when you last saw her and anything else you think would help her remember you. If you do not have a reference, state that in the form, and we will discuss other options.
  • The more information you provide about your interests, and the dates and times you would prefer, the better.
  • You should also mention where you saw my advertisement / posting.

If I have met with you before and you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact me by email with your name or handle, the last time we met, your interests, and the dates and times you would prefer. E-mail can be sent to

I share my dungeon spaces, so I am rarely able to accommodate same-day appointments. I therefore strongly prefer advance notice.

As we move through the booking process, I will require a phone number where I can call you to discuss details and logistics.

When you make an appointment with me:

  • be punctual; if for some reason you cannot make your appointment, call to reschedule or cancel
  • be well groomed and clean
  • arrive with an open mind; I never know exactly what's going to happen when I step into a dungeon; I only know that we are going to have a new and different experience; so be ready for anything.