I am a transsexual woman. I am feminine and pre-operative. My womanhood has been hard earned, and I celebrate it.

I was raised Catholic - which meant that I was taught to internalize guilt. As I grew up, I started investigating alternative sexualities and alternative ways of loving – expunging that guilt and embracing my true sexual self. And I discovered that I enjoy BDSM play – and that I am very much a natural domme / top.

I started exploring more when I arrived in San Francisco in 2000, and building my family in the sex-positive, polyamorous, and BDSM communities. That has been an ongoing education.

And I continue to explore and learn…

I am also a software professional, with a degree in computer science, and extensive senior management business experience.

I am educated and intellectual and worldly, and am the ideal companion outside the BDSM play world – should you be interested in spending quality time with a mature and elegant Dominant woman. That could take the form of a fine dinner, or the theater or a band, or dancing, followed by a training session. Perhaps traveling together or having me come to you? Whatever the situation, your boundaries will be pushed, your expectations exceeded.