For most of the past nearly two years I have been staying home, keeping safe. And it has only been in the last few months that I have started doing in-person sessions again -

As part of that “staying safe”, I hadn’t travelled for most of the past 2 years. But then a month ago I did venture out to Las Vegas – where I visited with a few wonderful new slaves – had a wonderful training session with Mistress Mercedes - and hung out with friends that I hadn’t seen for (well) 2 years -

Even so, I was very happy to be home in San Francisco. But now, much quicker than I might have imagined, I am heading back to Las Vegas in mid-December – planning on being there December 14th to 20th. As before, I will be visiting my gorgeous friends Dr Kiwi (@vegaskiwi, Mercedes (@LuvMerceds and Red (@Red35018845).

I already have a few sessions booked. But I still have spaces available on my schedule. So let's explore some fantasies together! Check out for more... 

Ms Emilie