I recently spent a week or so (from September 29th to October 5th) in Las Vegas visiting my gorgeous friends Dr Kiwi (@vegaskiwi http://drkiwiconsulting.com), Mercedes (@LuvMerceds http://luvmercedes.com) and Red (@Red35018845).

While I was there, we got our nails done, shopped at The Black Room fetish store (https://theblackroomvegas.com/), lunched with friends, went to an old school Drag Brunch (https://jimmysatmadisons.com/)... All the typical things one does with one’s friends in Las Vegas ;-)

The four of us (Dr Kiwi, Mercedes, Red and I) also did a wonderful photoshoot in a remarkable goth house. The pictures for that haven’t been approved and/or processed yet – but I am hopeful they will be ready sometime this week. But when they are, I will be posting them on my website (http://msemilieoxford.com), Twitter, and in my Fetlife Gallery (see https://fetlife.com/users/2151700/pictures).

Perhaps the highlight of the visit was a co-session with my Mistress in Training Mercedes. We have been friends for ten years or so – and before the Pandemic I started training her to be a Mistress. For example, we had a very productive training session in March 2020 with one of my favourite sissies in San Francisco (see https://fetlife.com/users/2151700/pictures/93542436). But then the Pandemic intervened – and 18 months later we were finally able to resume her training.

The training session was with a new slave. He turned out to be of the highest quality – the kind of slave we all adore. He paid his deposit on time and without quibbles; he communicated his interests and limits ahead of time; he arrived on time with a present of a bottle of wine; and was attentive and well behaved throughout. Suffice to say that he was the ideal training slave for Mistress Mercedes – and we enjoyed training him very much!

I am certainly planning on visiting Las Vegas more often…

Ms Emilie