Some musings on re-entry…

I have not been doing in person sessions since the start of the Pandemic – which was early March 2020 in San Francisco. And for almost all of that time I have been ‘social distancing’ and/or staying home.

I notice that the last blog entry I posted ( was on April 10th 2020 – 13 months ago. That blog mentioned how horny I was feeling after only a month of distancing. So you can perhaps imagine how horny I am feeling 13 months on…!

But now… I am vaccinated and fast approaching my two elapsed weeks to maximum resistance. So I am starting to think about re-entry – to seeing my (vaccinated) friends, back into my community, and back to doing sessions.

I have observed a range of reactions over the last year or so – where clearly some people have taken Covid much more seriously than others. I have definitely been in the ‘hyper cautious’ camp. And even though I will soon be safe to go out, and I am genuinely excited to do so, I am nevertheless still experiencing a reluctance to do so.

A lot of day-to-day life is about balancing risk. There is clearly risk in driving somewhere – but we balance that against the convenience of being able to drive there. Similarly, my seeing a series of slaves introduces the risk of catching or passing on a sexually transmitted infection – but we manage that risk through latex barriers and/or good hygiene. We might make different choices about how much risk we are prepared to take – but, in general, we balance the risk against the benefits

At the moment, I think my assessment of risk with respect to Covid is out of balance. Over the past 14 months I have internalized a risk averse mindset – and I am now struggling to adjust to a less risky situation. Given that, I need to work on re-calibrating. For example, as more and more people are vaccinated (at least in the US and European countries), then perhaps we should be assessing Covid risk on a case-by-case basis -

"...we’re going to have to use a combination of how much disease is in a certain community and how many people are vaccinated in their community to decide what’s safe and what’s not safe. It’s almost like looking at the weather report in the morning: Do I have to pull out an umbrella or not?"

In any event, I am flattered to find that a whole string of slaves are waiting for me to start doing in person sessions. And over the last month or so, I also have seen a whole series of inquiries from new potential slaves. People seem to be keen to resume some semblance of normal life – which includes submitting to me.

But, for now, as I work on re-calibrating risk, I am going to re-start in person sessions at the end of May  – but only for already established and ‘vaccinated plus 2 weeks’ slaves. I will not be seeing new slaves (even if they have wonderful references and/or recommendations) for a few months – by which time, I will have worked my way back into the swing of things through sessions with familiar slaves.

Looking forward, I hope that goes well – and by mid-summer I will be back to enjoying in person sessions with everybody - at which point I expect to be absolutely brimming with energy.

Stay safe…

Ms Emilie