At one point in the past, I blogged about "forced bi" - but in all honesty it seems that most slaves and/or sissies do not need to be forced.

So to be clear... I am a transsexual domme. And a very high proportion of my slaves/sissies are interested in some version of "forced bi" – where they (to be plain) want to suck my cock - sometimes for the whole session. Or they want to be fucked by me - even when they do not really have enough experience with anal sex for that.

I really do enjoy slaves and/or sissies sucking me - to varying degrees depending on how well they follow directions. And I also enjoy fucking them. But the question that I often ask myself is "How do they understand their interests"? Clearly some slaves and/or sissies struggle with this – they ask themselves “Am I Gay”?

Clearly for some slave / sissies, being "forced" to suck cock (albeit attached to a TS woman) is a way to address their interest in cock. They don't think of themselves as "gay". They are just being forced to do what they really want to do.

For other slaves / sissies, interacting with a TS woman is a dream come true. As one of my favourite sissies (Keira) says "Being forced to suck a man would not be a turn-on for me. But submitting to a  beautiful dominant TS, who has great breast and a cock too a big turn-on for me. I enjoy looking at's TS Seduction site for this subject matter. I am not interested in men at all, but TS is totally another subject matter."

In all of this, the labels are not very helpful. If you are attracted to me, and want to interact sexually with me, what does that say? It doesn't say that you are "straight" or "bi" or "gay". Just that you think I'm hot and you want to submit to me. To please me. How lovely!I 

Ms Emilie