Double sessions

I almost always enjoy doing co-Domme sessions – also known as double sessions - where I and another Domme cooperate in dominating a submissive / slave. As I mentioned in an earlier blog a little over a year ago, the success of such sessions can be very dependent on the particular slave and the other Domme – and hopefully a good chemistry between all three of us.


A couple of weeks ago I blogged that I had a "killer cold" and that I had to go as far as rescheduling sessions - which I have never done before. And some of my regulars were nice enough to enquire after me - and wish me a speedy recovery.

Well... I am recovered.


I was on a road trip over Spring Break, and while that went rather well, when I got back, I got a cold.


A few months back (in October?) I blogged about “branding” submissives - where I write ownership messages on their bums (butts for you Americans). In quite a few cases I have to do some shaving first. Some submissives have such hairy bums that it can be hard to see what I am writing? And then I write messages in sharpie on their butts – “Ms Emilie’s Bitch” or “Ms Emilie’s Slut” or “Ms Emilie’s Sissy”.

Tax Special

I haven’t started on my taxes yet this year – although it is almost to the top of my list. I should get to it any day this week?! But I have started on my Tax Special earlier this year than last.

Report - International School of Temple Arts (SSSEX) in Las Vegas

This is a more personal post than usual – but some of my submissives, slaves and sissies have already heard something about this and have expressed a desire to know more. So here goes…

The week before last I attended the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SEXX) workshop in Las Vegas.


Some proportion of people I see might only see me once or twice. Perhaps they are struggling with who they are or what seeing me means, or perhaps seeing me is just a “bucket list” item. Which is all fine. 

But I do like my regulars. Slaves / submissives who see me every month or two or three.

International School of Temple Arts (SSSEX) in Las Vegas - February 16th-22nd

I am very interested in sex and sexuality - and I get lots of exposure and experience with my wonderful slaves, sissies and submissives. But I am also constantly looking to expand my horizons – to become more personally empowered and sexually liberated.

So I just signed up for Dr. Shelley’s week-long sacred sexuality retreat in Las Vegas, February 16th-22nd.

New Year's Eve

Tonight is New Year’s Eve – and I have a cold – and I am staying in. But that’s fine. I have been to some epic New Year’s events in the past, but am now somewhat bored with the whole thing. The events are so expensive and busy – and everybody is so excited and drunk – that the mood is frantic and unsatisfactory. Hardly quality time. And then getting to the event and back is crazy. I know this sounds jaded in the extreme but I was probably going to stay in anyway. And the sudden appearance of a cold (which might only be a 24 hour thing?) made up my mind for me.

But in any event, my New Year started early...