Spelling and Grammar

I grew up in London in an education system that in some respects was somewhat old-fashioned. It prioritized grammar and spelling over “expression”. And it didn’t always serve the needs of the less capable students very well. If you were academically capable (as I was) then you could shine, but if you were not so much so, then the system largely ignored you – and left you to your own devices.


I had a rather lovely session yesterday with a visiting New Yorker (no names – but I know he reads my blog). That was enhanced even more when the domme who runs the dungeon space joined us for a half hour or so as we were winding up. I suspect that sometimes submissives have a whole set of fantasies about two dommes – but when faced by two powerful experienced domes might find it a bit too much. But in this case we had a really good connection and an awesome experience.


I am recovering today from a very busy and intense weekend at Folsom (the Street Fair here in San Francisco – not the city in the Central Valley) where I went to a couple of pre-events, the main event itself on Sunday afternoon, and an after-party.

Burning Man

I was away for the last week or so at Burning Man. I haven’t been since 2010 or so but this was my 10th time. So it was interesting to see how it has changed since I was last there / since I was first there.

Boundaries are fun

I like to have a conversation at the start of every session to make it clear that my submissives or slaves or sissies have two safe words. Yellow means back off and let’s have a conversation about what’s happening / what’s causing a problem – and then we will continue. Red means I need to end this session right now – for whatever reason – a medical emergency or perhaps they have just decided they need to leave.

Lifestyle bi swingers party - Palm Springs, July 23rd-28th

Regular readers of my blog will remember that each July I take a partial break and head off to a “lifestyle” “bi swingers” party. In previous years it has been in Las Vegas at a small “gay” “clothing optional” resort hotel – and in effect it was a takeover, where the “bi swingers” took over the whole resort for the weekend.

Wax and Worship

A few weeks back I went on an interesting workshop on wax play. I have done wax play in the past, but was interested to try out my new knowledge. So when one of my favorite submissives (Nomicon) booked a session for yesterday my thoughts naturally turned to that.


I seem to have been traveling a lot lately. Sometimes that has been personal – to see friends. Sometimes that has been business - to meet up with slaves in other cities.