Distance Training

Over the past few years, I have had a series of enquiries from slaves and sissies who are located outside the Bay Area – in other localities in the USA and in other countries – asking whether I provide “distance training”. So far the answer has been “NO”. But now that may have changed....


Over the past few months, I have been spending occasional time at a Bay Area “play party” and one of my favorite sissies has been encouraging me to write about it…

This is somewhat outside the usual strand of blog posts for me. But, whether my slaves and sissies think about it or not, I actually have a personal life outside of my pro domme life.

And in that personal life I am still a horny, sexy, very toppy, domme – that is who I am.

Holiday break

It seems like so many of my posts lately are about my travelling – and therefore being unavailable to my devoted Bay Area subs, sissies and slaves. Poor dears. 

But once again, unfortunately for my Bay Area subs, sissies and slaves, I will be travelling over the Holidays (is that capitalized now?) – departing tomorrow Monday 19th and returning January 1st.


I am sometimes aware of what is going on in my slaves / submissives / sissies lives – and sometimes not. I always respect their privacy. So it all depends on how much they want to share with me. But then, based on limited information, I do detect some patterns…

So based on very little, here’s my thinking…

Winter break

I am taking a short winter break over the next ten days or so.

Initially I will be in Las Vegas over the weekend visiting friends, and then in Southern California visiting more friends. I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and diverse friendship network – it seems wherever I go.

Back from Europe

I was on an extended vacation in Europe, in London, Paris, Spain or Portugal, during the second half of July and the first half of August – which was rather wonderful and full of cultural and social events. It really felt like it recharged my batteries…

But now I am back and catching up. And find that my schedule is very busy – with a whole series of slaves and submissives eager to see me after having been deprived of my presence for 4-6 weeks. And it is rather lovely to see them too…

Life and scheduling is deliciously complicated. But I love it…

Travel in Europe – July 15th to August 20th

I have been travelling rather a lot lately. But in a few weeks, I have almost a month or more of travel coming up.

On and off over the past year or so, I have been travelling within the US, partly for social and/or personal reasons, and partly so I can see slaves and submissives in other cities. It is rather lovely when I get to see slaves and submissives who would not ordinarily get to see me, just because they live somewhere other than the Bay Area.


I rather love it when I have a project.

Some considerable proportion of my slaves / submissives / sissies see me every few months or so – and then go back to their everyday lives. I do not ask about those lives, but assume that they may have partners or wives, who do not understand, or do not know about, their particular interests in BDSM and seeing a domme like me. Which is fine. I love to celebrate and indulge their interests – which can be so varied and alluring. And I do not need to know all that much about their lives to enjoy their company and their devotion.