Some of you will remember that I was on hiatus during August. Partly because I was travelling for a few weeks, then being scheduled for a small medical procedure (which went very well - nothing to be worried about) which necessitated a few weeks recuperation. And then I realized… I was ready for a break - an opportunity to recharge my batteries – which would also allow me to spend more time with friends and acquaintances in the community.

Chocolate (or not?)

One thing that always amazes me about the human race is how so very similar we all are – and yet in some respects so very different.

In particular… Personally, I don’t really like chocolate. I don’t dislike it… I am just rather neutral.

Hiatus until end-August

I have been seeing slaves since April 2013 – although I was very much embedded in the local BDSM and sex-positive community for many years before that. I have loved the wonderful variety of people I have seen over the past four years plus, and the wonderful variety of interesting sexual things I have been getting up to in session. I have particularly loved the rich relationships I have established with some of my regulars – some of whom are now genuine friends (including going to their birthday parties, meeting their partners, etc.).

Collective Sissies

I was exchanging messages on Fetlife with one of my favourite sissies (kieragurl), talking about a recent session with Burumasan and another young trans woman (not on Fetlife) who Burumasan had introduced me to, when I dived down a language rat hole.

Two Submissives

I often refer to the people who see me as my slaves and sissies – but in some cases it is more appropriate to just say submissives…

DomCon LA Report

I’ve been away for almost two weeks… I headed to SoCal on May 16th, then to DomCon LA on the 18th through the 21st, then back up home to the Bay Area on the 30th. So much travelling – and I am enjoying being home in the Bay Area…. Getting re-acquainted with my local slaves and sissies. It’s good to be home – even if this is my adopted home!

DomCon LA 2017

It’s that time of year… I am about to head off for a few weeks of travelling… Heading to SoCal on May 16th, then to DomCon LA on the 18th through the 21st, then back up home to the Bay Area on the 30th. 

Training and Mentoring

One of the lovely things about being a domme is meeting other dommes – or “want to be dommes”.

Recently, I met somebody who was interested in exploring being a domme and being mentored. Let us call her Lisa – Mistress Lisa.

And at the same time, I had a couple of favorite sissies – BurumaSan and Keira – who wanted to have a session. So I thought that would be a wonderful training opportunity for Mistress Lisa. So I set up a session for all four of us – me, Mistress Lisa, BurumaSan and Kiera. 


As those of you who have read my website and/or blog will know, I am originally from London (in the United Kingdom or England), and hence have a very English sensibility – a particular accent, a particular approach, a particular enjoyment of slaves and sissies who know how to please me…