A couple of months ago, I commented on reaching my 10 year anniversary - https://msemilieoxford.com/2023/02/13/10-years


And as part of that, I was also musing about re-starting sessions after several hiatuses over the past few years – where some of those hiatuses (for obvious reasons) were quite long.


But now… A few months later… I am really enjoying re-connecting with my “regular” slaves / sissies – and starting to see well-qualified well-vaccinated new slaves / sissies. To the point where my calendar is getting quite busy.


Like many of us, I have been very averse to venturing out over the past three years. I know some people have been braver, but I (as something of a science / Covid geek) have been very much aware of the risk calculations – and have generally erred on the side of low risk whenever possible. Which has meant that I haven’t been traveling…


But now… I am feeling braver. So all of that is a preamble to saying that I will be back in Las Vegas between May 4th and 9th – visiting my gorgeous friends Dr Kiwi (@vegaskiwi http://drkiwiconsulting.com), Mercedes (@LuvMerceds http://luvmercedes.com), Heather D’Angelo (@HeatherofVegas, https://www.ladiesilove.com/), and April Luv (@AprilLuvvegas).

I still have spaces available on my schedule. So let's explore some fantasies together! Check out http://msemilieoxford.com/contact for more... 

Ms Emilie