Today is my 10 year anniversary! Not that I am actually 10 years old. But that my first pro session was on February 13 2013.


In practice, those 10 years have not been completely continuous. I have had a few hiatuses. For example in 2020 during the first year of the pandemic (before vaccinations were available) - And then again in late 2022 when Monkeypox (aka Mpox) was very much an issue -


I did rather like the time off during those two hiatuses. But once I restarted a month or so ago, I have been re-discovering my enjoyment of my work – getting back to the Mistress that I am – and re-connecting (in many senses) with my slaves and sissies.


And there does seem to be a huge amount of pent-up demand. Perhaps so many people have been being careful for the last 2-3 years and they now feel able to start seeing me again – or perhaps they been holding back on following up a long-standing interest?


I do wonder how long my career will last. Mistresses tend to come and go – although I do also know Mistresses who have been active for 20+ years. In practice, I expect to keep booking sessions as long as I enjoy it and people want to book me…


We’ll see...


Ms Emilie