Over the past year, once I was fully vaccinated, and now double boosted, during various surges and “windows”, I have been carefully venturing back out into the world – starting to see my slaves and sissies in-person again (https://msemilieoxford.com/2021/06/28/update-now-seeing-all-fully-vaccinated-slaves) – and starting to travel again (https://msemilieoxford.com/2021/11/15/visiting-las-vegas-again-december-14th-to-20th).

Unfortunately, it appears that I have now become a Covid geek – tracking the various dashboards, subscribed to in detail blogs (eg https://substack.com/profile/27227002-katelyn-jetelina). Sometimes I feel that all that information is useful – but sometimes I wonder whether tracking everything is my way of exercising some limited control in a very uncertain situation.

But, even amongst all that, I still feel a strong need to see my wonderful slaves and sissies – wherever they are. And they have made it very clear they need to see me.

So all of that is a preamble to saying that I will be back in Las Vegas between May 15th and 22nd – visiting my gorgeous friends Dr Kiwi (@vegaskiwi http://drkiwiconsulting.com), Mercedes (@LuvMerceds http://luvmercedes.com), Heather D’Angelo (@HeatherofVegas, https://www.ladiesilove.com/), and April Luv (@AprilLuvvegas).

I still have spaces available on my schedule. So let's explore some fantasies together! Check out http://msemilieoxford.com/contact for more... 

Ms Emilie