I am fortunate enough to have a whole series of regular slaves – some of whom have been seeing me since I started back in early 2013. [You know who you are K]. 

But every now and again, I get to see a ‘first time slave’. Sometimes those slaves might be ticking a ‘bucket list’ item – and perhaps after a session with me they conclude that, while it was interesting, it wasn’t really their thing? Which is totally fine!

But then I also get to see other kinds of first time slaves. They often tell me they have been checking out my website over an extended period – dreaming about seeing me. But they also often tell me that they have been very nervous about booking a session – about actually seeing a trans domme. 

So last week I had a 2 hour session with that second class of first time slave – let’s call them ’M’ (they know who they are). They had been tracking my website for ages… and we had been exchanging emails on and off for months. And in the end I was so happy that they screwed up their courage to see me. After our session, they messaged me several times on Fetlife and were kind enough to allow me to reproduce those messages here... 

M said… ‘Well that was amazing. You are gorgeous, fabulously kinky , sexy and a wonderful domme. Before I met you I wondered if I could suck your cock..and discovered I loved it..making it go hard in my mouth was amazing..and all attached to a gorgeous woman! Then I wondered if I would ever be ready to be fucked by you..well you quickly took care of that. It was amazingly enjoyable watching you in the mirror ride me hard and talking dirty. Tied and clamped was fantastic and then watching you cum on me.."Wow". 

To which I replied… ‘Indeed. That was very lovely. As I said, I tend to be pretty horny most of the time. But I reacted to my being your 'first', to your willingness to explore, to your expressiveness, by being even hornier than usual. Wow!' 

Then M added… ‘BTW..my nipples are still sensitive..a very erotic reminder of being tied to the cross, nipple clamped..you blowing 420 vape into me, spitting champagne into my mouth and sealing it with deep French kisses.’ 

It was a very fun session… And I am hoping that M comes back soon… 

Ms Emilie