I almost always enjoy doing co-Domme sessions – also known as double sessions - where I and another Domme cooperate in dominating a submissive / slave. As I mentioned in an earlier blog a little over a year ago, the success of such sessions can be very dependent on the particular slave and the other Domme – and hopefully a good chemistry between all three of us.

Lately I have had occasion to participate in and/or set up a couple of double sessions with my very good friend Goddess Philippa – who has also been something of a mentor to me over the past few years that we’ve known each other.

In the first instance, Goddess Philippa invited me to join a session with one of her well-established, long-term slaves – B. We arranged to meet at her dungeon half an hour beforehand to get ready and discuss the session dynamics – where we readily agreed that as this was her slave, she would control the session and involve me at her discretion. But as it happened, after a certain degree of chastisement and flogging from Goddess Philippa, B was only too ready to be “forced” to suck me, and to be fucked by me – where of course I was only too happy to oblige.

Afterwards, we were all lounging around in the dungeon, the slave B on the floor, with our stockinged feet resting on his face and groin – chatting about this and that - whereupon the slave had a request. He had been looking at my website and blog and had come across my blog posts on branding - and very sweetly asked if I would brand him. Now as it happens, I hadn’t brought my branding equipment bag to the session, because I had assumed that it was Goddess Philippa’s session and that wasn’t likely to be an option. But luckily the slave was not too hairy back there (so no need to shave) and Goddess Philippa had a sharpie – so I could go ahead and brand his bum with “Ms Emilie’s Bitch”. Then I held his bum cheeks apart while Goddess Philippa took a picture – which you can see at https://fetlife.com/users/2151700/pictures/37730698. That was unexpected but fun!

In the second instance, I have a session arranged in a week or two’s time where I will get to introduce Goddess Philippa to my favourite submissive – Nomicon. This will be the first time I have had a double session with Nomicon – with the possible exception of one session where my good friend Albertine sat in and observed. So I am hopeful that he will acquit himself well – and impress Goddess Philippa.

We’ll see. Perhaps that will be the next blog…?

Ms Emilie