Some proportion of people I see might only see me once or twice. Perhaps they are struggling with who they are or what seeing me means, or perhaps seeing me is just a “bucket list” item. Which is all fine. 

But I do like my regulars. Slaves / submissives who see me every month or two or three.

Seeing somebody for the first time is somewhat high tension for both parties. They are probably scared and/or apprehensive of who I am and/or how the session will go. I am very conscious of trying to make the session go as well as possible, with somebody where I do not have a really good feel for who they are. But it can still be difficult to arrive at a very positive experience. 

Whereas with people I see quite frequently there is a sense of a growing familiarity – starting to feel who they are and where they are coming from – and starting to get a sense of what works between us. And then things can really take off…

One of my favorite submissives (Nomicon - commented during wind-down after our last session that he had felt an increased intensity. I’m not sure we had been doing anything particularly new and novel, but perhaps we had been doing what we were doing (perhaps my torturing his nipples to the extreme - somehow I like that) at a new level of intensity.

But then perhaps that creates a new challenge… I don’t feel particularly performance-oriented (that’s a guy thing?) and very often the journey is more interesting than the destination. But perhaps there is a concern that with trusted and close regulars there needs to be a little variation – an element of surprise?

We’ll see… 

Ms Emilie